Residential area Polje 3 in Ljubljana

Year of construction: 2012

Project group: Nika van BERKEL, Neža NOVAK, Matej DELAK, Gašper MEDVEŠEK

In the urban planning sense, the residential area is split in half. Public urban belts are associated with the western side of the area in question, and link up with the Polje road, whereas the private, more peaceful neighbourhood programme links the eastern side that borders on natural landscape.

In the green belt, located on the eastern side, the public programme is situated featuring a children’s playground, common covered areas, bowling alley, basketball court and gardens, etc. In their typical structure, the buildings allude to existing surrounding residential areas. They are placed in such a way that ensures that all the apartments have good views towards the east and the west. In the middle of the neighbourhood, a vertical connection is being constructed to the residential area at Polje 1, and the spacing between the buildings frames a fine vista of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps viewed from the common ground floor.