Apartment on the Pražakova ulica street in Ljubljana

Year of construction: 2008

Project group: Petra HUDOBIVNIK, Gašper MEDVEŠEK

In an old bourgeois house in the centre of Ljubljana, we renovated a 150 m2 apartment.

The renovation concept is based on the basic floor plan arrangement, taking into consideration the customer’s wishes, and is featured by the “box”. The box is a kind of cube in the middle of the space, and is intended for service functions, like cooking, cleaning and wardrobe space. Around it, like a necklace, are the, bedrooms, anteroom, living area with dining room and a terrace. After the renovation, the living area is left open, leaving it bright and airy connecting it to the terrace and offering a view of the Castle.

The box in this space functions as a filter, as “something in-between”. Closed, it completely divides the space and opened, it allows for a fluid interaction.

The impression of the space is further emphasised by the use of only two materials – oak for the box area and white surrounding it – with the use of sliding partitions.