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u.d.i.a. / creative drector

I was born on January 26, 1977, in Maribor.

I attended the Prežihov Voranc Elementary School in Maribor.

I completed studies at the Third Senior College in Maribor.

In 1995, I enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture.

In 2001, I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, with the thesis “Residential-commercial building with bowling alley along the Sernčeva ulica in Maribor”, under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Aleš Vodopivec.

I am currently attending doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, where I am an assistant to Prof. Vodopivec.

Since 2006, I have been working within the framework of the architectural agency, Plan B d.o.o.

Selected projects and buildings:

  • terraced houses at Radvanje
  • a residential building construction at Sernčeva in Maribor
  • renovation of the Ptuj City Theatre
  • the pharmaceutical factory, Marifarm
  • the Slovenian Environment Agency
  • the Faculty of Medicine in Maribor
  • the Museum of Modern Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro
  • the Stražišče Senior High School at Kranj
  • the Škofije Elementary School, Koper

Awards through competitions:

1st prize:

  • The urban planning of the settlement at Dobrova
  • The Slovenj Gradec School Centre
  • Thedesign of Maribor Island and the left bank of the Drava  River
  • The residential area at Lukovica Jug

2nd prize:

  • Revitalisation of the Postojna city centre

3rd prize:

  • Competition for residential buildings, Polje III
  • Low-energy, multi-purpose sports centre at the Mengeš Elementary School and comprehensive arrangement of the wider public area and recreational area at the Pšata
  • Youth Centre, Arrigoni in Izola
  • Arrangement of the Slovenj Gradec city centre