Civil protection and disaster relief centre in Ljubljana

Year of construction: 2013

Project group: Matej DELAK, Anže GRUBELNIK, Gašper MEDVEŠEK Jerica POLANČIČ, Sara TOMAZIN

The charm of architectural solutions is reflected by the fact that during the design phase, architects have the privilege of thinking about the future, which will become reality in a specific place at a specific time. At the location in question, the void created by the new thoroughfare into the city (Štajerska cesta) will be filled by a building of greater spatial dimensions and purpose for the nearby residents. The process that began with becoming familiar with the location and the planned programme, and later continued with the search for an appropriate spatial design, proved to be exceptional, since it will combine, in one location, previously dispersed programmes that are currently performed in numerous locations throughout Ljubljana. The building will allow all the necessary functions, while establishing an appropriate spatial relationship to its surroundings, and, in an ideal sense, transform the surroundings into a beneficial city natural oasis. We therefore searched for a spatial concept that would allow future users a high quality working and living environment, while ensuring simple, economic, and energy-efficient management and maintenance.