A gymnasium in Stražišče by Kranj

Year of construction: 2018

Project group:

Prof. Dr. Aleš VODOPIVEC, Matej DELAK, Gašper MEDVEŠEK, Karin ROŽMAN

The planned location of the new gymnasium and the larger part of the school area are located on the site classified for the protection of cultural heritage, as the building of Stražišče Basic School represents a pioneering concept in school building construction in Slovenia. It was designed by the architect Danilo Furst.

Considering the above, it was requested that the new constructions should yield to the existing architectural heritage to the greatest extent possible.
The new gymnasium is designed as a new pavilion that connects by an enclosed and heated corridor to the existing corridor of the elementary school. The new construction does not affect the construction and other characteristics of the existing structure. The pavilion is located in the green bank by the velodrome, and on one side faces towards the garden between the school and the existing gymnasium pavilions, and on the other towards the velodrome. The planned orientation of the gymnasium is along the north-south axis, with openings to the east and west. The new gymnasium retains most of the green surfaces in its surroundings, being reduced only by the surface area of the new gymnasium in the terrain. With its artistic image, the gymnasium is respectfully sited in the protected area and does not overpower the existing architecture.