Reconstruction of the Cerklje ob Krki Elementary School and Kindergarten

Year of construction: 2014

Project group: Matej DELAK, Anže GRUBELNIK, Katja MARTINČIČ, Gašper MEDVEŠEK

The task in question envisages the reconstruction of the existing school complex with an elementary school programme and a kindergarten programme. Existing activities are conducted in two buildings, which were constructed sporadically over various periods. The old school, located directly adjacent to the main road, imprinted its image on the residents’ sub consciousness, and represents one of the most important identification points in the town. Its construction, especially distinct in the building’s interior, offers high quality ambient-related characteristics, in addition to a suitable and functional area. It appears on old postcards and always in a central position.

Considering the factors mentioned, we decided on a solution to the task in question – a so-called programme redistribution method, with separate parts added or built anew.

We first checked the suitability of the construction. In places that were easy to tear down – mostly with non-load-bearing elements – we cleared the building. We then placed the new, requested programme sensibly within the existing buildings.