Residential area in Miškotov Dol

Year of construction: 2009

Project group: Uroš RAZPET, Gašper MEDVEŠEK, Petra HUDOBIVNIK, Jelka FRIC, Mojca ZAVASNIK, Sandra GRAH

The location in question is situated adjacent to Nova Pot in the settlement of Kozina. The location is extremely difficult in terms of terrain, as it is steeply slanted in its entirety. The terrain drops away towards the north, making the construction of apartments even more difficult. The problematic terrain, sloping away to the north, and the insolation, which is higher on the opposite side, were the main factors that determined the urban design.

Due to the  factors mentioned above, we came up with an idea to construct the buildings on the extreme southern edge of the location, whereas the remaining part of the location – on the northern side – can be dedicated for open, outside areas: such as for playgrounds, walking areas and for general relaxation amongst the nature.

By situating and connecting all the buildings to the road, we can take advantage of two quality factors: to provide the most rational municipal infrastructure and the highest level of insolation for future buildings.