Residential area at Lukovica in Ljubljana

Year of construction: 2007–2011

Project group: Gašper MEDVEŠEK, Karin ROŽMAN, Matjaž MAJER

Due to its somewhat lower positions than both the road network and the relative proximity to the city centre of Lukovica, where the main programme attributes are located (such as restaurant, post office, shop and various services), the present area between the highway and the regional road through Lukovica offers a good starting point for constructing a new residential area.

When searching for a solution to a new residential construction in the aforementioned area, as a starting point we used the suggested spatial design, which provided the scope for eight rectangular buildings, 16 metres by 33 metres, with 16-metre spacing.

We determined that the envisaged spacing between individual residential blocks provided relatively favourable insolation, and an orientation of the apartments facing both east and west, however, the narrow areas between the buildings is less favourable when it comes to offering a necessary level of intimacy. Due to this design, most apartments are facing one another.