The design of Škofja Loka city centre

Year of construction: 2013

Project group:

Klara BOHINC, Matej DELAK, Rok HOČEVAR, Katja LONČAR, Urša KOMAC, Gašper MEDVEŠEK, Jerica POLONČIČ, Prof. Dr. Aleš VODOPIVEC, u.d.i.a.

As architects, we usually design new buildings. The word itself implies the forming of ideas into a tangible form. From the initial, general images come ideas, plans, and, finally, tangible objects. However, this method of work is not appropriate when we’re intervening in quality, historical surroundings. In the arrangement of Škofja Loka it is therefore important that the renovation is not aimed at creating new, visually self-reliant elements. New architectural interventions must be planned only in degraded and functionally inappropriate areas, while respecting and preserving the existing city structures.