Slovenj Gradec Secondary School Centre

Year of construction: 2014

Project group:

Prof. Dr. Aleš VODOPIVEC, Karin Rožman, Klara BOHINC, Matej DELAK, Gašper FABJAN, Ajda FORTUNA, Gašper MEDVEŠEK, Uroš RAZPET, Jernej MYNT

The competition area for the construction of the fourth building of the Slovenj Gradec School Centre is the missing link in the so-called “school axis”, leading in the direction of the city centre and connecting individual secondary school areas. A relatively wide new construction programme includes two schools, the Secondary School of Catering-Tourism and the School of Woodworking and the Secondary School of Medicine, and is consequently conceptualised in two separate tracts with a joint common area, which expands in a “scissor-shape” towards the entrance and the external school anteroom.