Renovation of the Ptuj City Theatre – the installation of new construction elements in an existing building

Year of construction: 2007

Project group:


The Ptuj City Theatre renovation project was conducted to renovate an existing building – which was constructed in stages during various periods in its history– functionally connecting newly acquired surfaces intended for its users and, within the reconstruction framework, to reconstruct a previously constructed, and later demolished, neo-classical entrance portal. Group Plan B solved the task by placing a glass, five-storey staircase inside the neo-classical portal, which acquired a new, contemporary function, specifically, as the entrance hall. The transparent, red theatre carpet connects all the newly-built elements, from the basement floor to the mansard floor (coffee shop, management department, and theatre and practice rooms). All the new constructions in the existing building are executed in the shape of wooden scales, which also double-up as lighting fixtures for the theatre. Other existing construction elements have the appearance of white surfaces.