Laboratory extension of the Slovenian Environment Agency in Ljubljana

Year of construction: 2015

Project group:

Uroš RAZPET, Petra HUDOBIVNIK, Gašper MEDVEŠEK, Karin ROŽMAN, Petar Vidanoski

The Slovenian Environment Agency has offices in Bežigrad in Ljubljana. The location of the new building, intended for laboratory use, represents a large green atrium within a densely built-up urban structure. The building is placed in such a way that it forms two atriums with the existing building. Such location allows good light exposure for new and existing offices for the Agency, retaining the green surfaces on the north-western corner, where the meteorological unit is located, being left untouched. It is designed as an extremely rational and energy-efficient building with a skeletal structure, a partition system and equal storey height allowing for quick and simple alterations when changing room arrangements. The public area on the ground floor develops through the staircase to a dual-level, multi-purpose area for employees providing a view of the “technological park”. With its “technical façade” of vertical shades and visible installations, the building expresses itself as a technical building and laboratory. Such a design allows for clear readability and simple orientation, both within the building as well as the area in which it is located.

Photos: Miran KAMBIČ